mathleague.org middle school contest dates for 2023-2024

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Here is the list of middle school contests confirmed so far for this year. We will be updating this list throughout the year as additional contests are scheduled. Don't see a contest in your area? Contact us for more information about hosting a contest at your school.

We offer three different modes for taking our tests: You can take the test
In-person at a testing venue where students gather to take pencil and paper versions of the tests and compete for trophies and/or other prizes,
Online in a live proctored Zoom meeting where students take the tests on their own computers and compete for prizes, or
On-Demand where students take the tests on their own at any time during a designated window of opportunity.

Events are color-coded below to indicate the testing mode; if no color is present, please contact the coordinator for confirmation of what testing mode will be used. Please note that all students participating in online and on-demand qualifying contests will be competing only against students within their own state or country. For contests where the state/country is listed as XX we will be assigning separate event numbers to each state and country after testing is over but before results are posted. For online contests that list a state or country, students may NOT register for the contest unless they attend school in that state or country; students outside the listed state or country may sign up for the XX contest instead.

Remember that each student may only sign up for one contest under each release number. All qualifying rounds are priced at US$30 or less per student; if you are asked by anyone to pay more than US$30 (or the equivalent in another currency) for a qualifying round, please notify us at customercare@mathleague.org.

If you like you can narrow your search by state or country; if your country is not listed, contact us to get your country added:

Click each release number to expand:

Please note that the contests that are designated as State Championships are invitation-only contests. Also note that the contests designated as a Qualifying Round are only for students who go to school in states without a State Championship. If your state holds a State Championship you must attend your State Championship or the make-up test in order to qualify for Nationals; students in states without State Championships will advance directly to Nationals if they qualify from a qualifying round. The following states are confirmed to hold State Championships in 2024; other states may be added based on the number of qualifiers: Arizona, Northern California, Southern California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, New Jersey, Nevada, Texas, and CNMI.

If you are unable to attend your scheduled State Championship, you may sign up for the make-up test. Please note that this testing opportunity is purely a chance to experience the test and attempt to qualify for the US National Championship: Students taking this test will not be eligible to participate in a countdown round, will not be eligible for prizes, and will not have their scores listed as part of the official State Championship results or counted as part of their school's sweepstakes score. Students will have their scores added into the nationwide calculations for individual wild card slots and will be invited to the National Championship if they score among the top 10 students in the US for their grade level.

This contest is by invitation only

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